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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Next Generation
This one has been lingering in my mind for quite a long time, and well, I figured it's time. The next generation of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

:bulletred:Mighty Morphin Red Ranger - Tyrannosaurus:bulletred:
:bulletgreen:Mighty Morphin Green Ranger - Dragon:bulletgreen:/:bulletwhite:Mighty Morphin Shining Ranger - Tiger/Falcon:bulletwhite:
:bulletblack:Mighty Morphin Black Ranger - Mastodon:bulletblack:
:bulletblue:Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger - Triceratops:bulletblue:
:bulletyellow:Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger - Saber-Toothed Tiger:bulletyellow:
:bulletpink:Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger - Pterodactyl:bulletpink:

I wanted to make their outfits (especially the helmets and morphers) to be similar yet different to the original ones, adding a third, darker color on it, though with dark violet for the Black Ranger, so that may stick out just a little bit. Apologies for that.

Many plot details regarding their concept will be available soon, but I will reveal one thing. They're all off springs (children) to the original rangers that once held those ranger titles... but not all are :bulletblack:children of the original 5:bulletyellow:. (Hint hint ;))

MMPR Belongs to Saban Brands

Super Sentai (basis for PR) belongs to Toei

Templates belong to :iconameyal:

EDIT #1: Did some minor alterations to this. Removed the lower "teeth" on the red ranger's helmet, but I'm keeping the upper "teeth" on it.

EDIT #2: I decided to change their power morphers. I honestly didn't like how the first ones looked. Still made them belt buckles but designed them to be a bit different from the original ones.

EDIT #3: Major update: Behold the Green Ranger. My take anyway. Son of the legendary Tommy. He's mainly modeled after the original, but see if you can guess what else it incorporates. (;) Hintidy hint hint ;))

EDIT #4: 2nd major update: Behold, the Green Ranger's SUPER form, modeled after his father's White Ranger form. Yeah, his helmet's not a tiger, but still a dragon, I know, I did that on purpose to separate this from the original, but I did add some shades to it. The hardest part was the emblem on the armor's chest. I tried to make it be the White Ranger coin but I couldn't fit it all in so I made it a combo of both the green and white ranger power coins... to the best of my ability.

You may also notice that the Red Ranger's wearing the classic Green Ranger shield. Well, it's actually (in my mind) a one shot power up for him and not something permanent. ^^; sorry...

When I get down to a synopsis, I'll do some explaining about it.

EDIT #5: 3rd major update: down below is my Green Ranger's previous, evil form, created by a portion of the team's main villain faction. I won't give too much detail away, but what I will say is that this form was not meant to resemble what it currently shown. What was going to be the actual form and why did it change to it. day you will all know.

EDIT #6: Just something minor, but I brightened the secondary colors on their outfits. felt that some were a bit too dark. some brightened a lot but some only slightly got brighter. The Shining Ranger form for green though remains black all the way through.

EDIT #7: Another minor update, I tweaked the Shining Ranger's helmet a bit, I didn't like how the first one went a bit so I hope this works better. ^^;

Stay tuned for more updates and future MMPR NG images.
Astrongers to AstroEarth
Here's just a quick little run down on how AstroEarth came to be, combining the powers of all members, using a male "host" body, to form the white and rainbow colored warrior. Again, used gradients and sprays to utilize this image here.

Templates belong to :iconameyal:

Super Sentai belongs to Toei

EDIT 1: I decided to re-do the image so that the actual team wasn't shown and instead have them be energy silhouettes. But the general image is still the same. ^^; sorry to anyone that liked it before, but I just didn't like the old one really.
Astronger - AstroEarth
Behold the final, most powerful Astronger ever known said to be lost a millennia ago... AstroEarth!

There's a reason why this one isn't with the main team image, he's not a villain but more of a finale power up for AstroMars combined with the powers of the other 7. (at least preceived in my mind)

I originally was going to use gold for the armor and gold part of the outfit, and I did, but I decided to use a rainbow, self made gradient for it, and a two color one for the design, using two... more Earthly colors for it.

Template belongs to :iconameyal:

Super Sentai belongs to Toei
Virtual Sentai Arcadenger
Here it be, me next fan Sentai team. Arcadenger, video game themed.

:bulletred:Player Red:bulletred:
:bulletblue:Player Blue:bulletblue:
:bulletyellow:Player Yellow:bulletyellow:
:bulletwhite:Player White:bulletwhite:
:bulletpurple:Player Violet:bulletpurple:
:bulletgreen:Player Green:bulletgreen:

Virtual Sentai Arcadenger! Ready To Game!

This one was a trial and error so to speak. I had to make sure that what I had to do would work. As one could tell, I took some inspiration to Tron Legacy's suits used in the movie, and I was originally going to have them be all black with the lights being their colors, but that didn't work out so well so I went with this, their primary color, a secondary, closely different color, and a lighter color for the neon lights like in said movie, though as you can see I had to make White's a slightly more aqua color, even on the helmet.

Like with my last one, this will be constantly updated for new additions so be on the look out for those. ^^

Super Sentai belongs to Toei

Tron Legacy belongs to Disney

Templates belong to :iconameyal:

EDIT 1: after much debate on myself, I decided to give the helmets the neon as well. I originally was going to do it from the start but white was going to be a bit of a problem since... well... how can I put a very bright color on white. After looking back, I decided to do it anyway. maybe I'll have another edit with the neon turned off, though it could be a bit tricky without it blending into the outfits.

EDIT 2: Updated now with their sixth ranger, Player Green. made him look similar but differently designed to the core five. Lots of trial and error with that one, but hopefully I managed to get it down.

EDIT 3: Added the six rangers with their neon "turned off". Bit of a trial and error with it so that's as best as I could do to make it work.
Planet Sentai Astronger
Next Sentai team and in time before the new, ACTUAL space sentai comes. (at the time of this), Astronger space/solar system themed.


Warriors Of The Stars! Defenders Of Earth! Planet Sentai Astronger!

Bit of a tiral and error with this one. I wanted to avoid Taiko's own take on the next sentai to a degree, but if there are similarities, it's just mere coincidence. Besides, I recall seeing a few other ones with a similar, if not the same, theme in the past, but it was a long time ago, so I know I'm not the only one!

I decided to make the vizors colored (ala Timeranger & Go-Busters) though each with a different shade of their primary colors, plus a near white secondary color for each of them. Plus originally I was going to have blue represent Mercury and violet represent Saturn, but I decided to switch them at the last minute to mix things up a bit. And yes, I was listening to Ultraman Ginga music when I made these so that's the main inspiration there :XD:

Like before, this will be constantly updated with new additions should I ever get to them.

Templates belong to :iconameyal:

Super Sentai belongs to Toei

Ultraman belongs to Tsuburaya Productions

EDIT 1: I did some photoshop tweaking and changed a few details, mainly the vizors and the jewels I smudged them a bit and I added exaggerated symbols of their respective planets on their chests and did the same thing to them as well, though it was a bit tricky to get them to fit and smudged their colors together.

EDIT 2: Added the team's sixth ranger (and married in my mind) duo, AstroUranus (gold/orange) and AstroNeptune (silver/aqua). I was gonna have them be basic gold and silver, but I tinted them orange and aqua respectively and added their secondary colors respectively. Originally they were going to have pretty much the same helmet design (minus the vizors) but I scrapped that and made them each different in their own right. I'm unsure about the regular gold band and belt on Uranus but if you think they should be a different color, you can comment down below.

EDIT 3: Just brightened Uranus and Neptune a bit so the gold belt and cuffs would stick out a bit. nothing much either really. I also nixed the bright color pattern off them and made them their secondary colors.

EDIT 4: Added their extra ranger, AstroPluto. And yes yes yes I know Pluto's no longer a planet, but I still wanted to add the former planet in there somewhere! Hopefully I saved me some comments... ^^;


Patrick Sagon
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As of an hour at the time of this entry, my cat of nearly 15-17 years, Moe, had been put down... the constant begging got a little annoying but I loved that cat since the day my family got him and right now, it's gonna be hard not having him here with me... Crying

Right now, I would appreciate it if everyone watching me or expecting another Sentai update would give me some time to mourn for my loss. I don't mean to be rude, but I won't be in the right mood to continue creating teams, at least for a while. I can still chat with anyone but that's as far as I'll go for a while...

Thank you for your time and I'll see you all around...
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