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Power Rangers - Scorching Red
A little fan idea I've been thinking of. Pretty much an evil force had come from another time and Jason's summoned by beings from the Universal (and interdimensional) Morphing Grid itself that not only had given him his powers back but also summons an additional six rangers of Earth's future to aid him in this endeavor.

Rangers are as follows...

:bulletred:Casey Rhodes - Jungle Fury Red Ranger:bulletred:
:bulletred:Andros - Red Space Ranger:bulletred:
:bulletred:Tyler Navarro - Dino Charge Red Ranger:bulletred:
:bulletred:Jason Lee Scott - Mighty Morphin Red Ranger:bulletred:
:bulletred:Wesley Collins - Time Force Red Ranger:bulletred:
:bulletred:Lauren Shiba - Red Samurai Ranger II:bulletred:
:bulletred:Jack Landors - S.P.D. Red Ranger:bulletred:

Basically this team mostly consists of rangers from perhaps my favorite Power Ranger series. Though I had a bit of a rule when doing this...

NO Rangers that have been a Mighty Morphin' Ranger. Meaning that no other rangers that have been a mighty morphin' ranger can enter even if they switched ranger powers and colors. ^^; sorry Tommy fans. (But that doesn't mean Tommy won't be part of a 1 color team. ;) )

I do have a few more seasons I enjoy outside of the ones shown, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, and RPM, but I wanted to keep it a small, 7 ranger team, so sadly they had to be cut out. Though if asked to, I can include at LEAST two more. And I may not like Samurai a lot (I have issues with it) but I did fine Lauren to be the only one I actually DID like, which is why it's her on this team and not her brother.

MMPR Red was pretty much a copy and paste from a previous image but the others I had to create. I did have templates of their helmets and looked online for their suits (some were more difficult than others), only exception was Dino Charge Red which I had to create on my own through online scans. And BOY was that one difficult to make!

But I still had fun making this and making more rangers... and who knows... I might make more one color teams. ;)

Power Rangers belongs to Saban

Super Sentai belongs to Toei

Templates belong to :iconameyal:
MMPR NG - Parents' Legacy
After the enjoyment of my first Legacy image, I decided to create another one, focusing more on my NG Green Ranger in his Shining White Form, with both his parents as the MMPR White Ranger and Zeo Ranger I Pink (SPOILERS!) instead of the original Green and Pink Rangers... mostly to avoid confusion. ^^; Sorry Kimberly fans. I feel your pain.

Got to say, the harder part was getting Zeo Pink down, primarily with the gold chest and neck areas. But hopefuly... HOPEFULLY I did a good job on it. Who knows. ^^;

Also, why White MMPR and not Zeo Red? ... I wanted to stick just a bit closer to MMPR... despite the pink Zeo ranger being there. Go figure :XD:

Power Rangers belong to Saban

Super Sentai belongs to Toei

Templates used belong to :iconameyal:

UPDATE: Here are the links to the original White Ranger and Zeo Ranger I Pink:
MMPR NG - The Legacy Lives On
:cake: 100th IMAGE! :cake:

Where there is evil: beware! Where there is destruction: be warned! This new team of mighty warriors will know no rest! Power Rangers - the legacy continues! ~Dimitri c.1997

Been wanting to do something like this, something symbolic to utilize the old guard passing the torch onto the next generation. And no, this doesn't symbolize that the old guard has passed on. No way, no how!

I basically re-created the original Mighty Morphin S1/Zyuranger suits (primarily) from scratch and looked on old images I had plus google images for the helmets. I do have that in a separate image file.

Power Rangers belongs to Saban

Super Sentai belongs to Toei

Templates belong to :iconameyal:

UPDATE: link to the original six from the image:
TimeRanger OC - TimeShadow
PR Equivalent: Time Force Shadow Ranger

Since I very much enjoy TimeRanger and Time Force a lot, this has been crossing across my mind, a ranger modeled after the TimeShadow/Shadow Winger from the show.

I guess if TimeFire/Quantum Ranger wasn't a thing, he could be the team's sixth ranger. Of course no one can replace either one. :XD:

Super Sentai/Power Rangers belongs to Toei/Saban
Celestial Sentai Lunaranger
After a bit of a hiatus, behold my next anime Sentai tribute, Lunaranger, an all female one based off of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

:bulletwhite:Moon Ranger:bulletwhite:
:bulletblue:Mercury Ranger:bulletblue:
:bulletred:Mars Ranger:bulletred:
:bulletgreen:Jupiter Ranger:bulletgreen:
:bulletorange:Venus Ranger:bulletorange:

Celestial Sentai Lunaranger! Hailing from the moon, we will stop you!

:bulletyellow:Uranus Ranger:bulletyellow:
:bulletblue:Neptune Ranger:bulletblue:
:bulletblack:Pluto Ranger:bulletblack:
:bulletpurple:Saturn Ranger:bulletpurple:

Lunarangers from the Outer Limits! Threats to Earth, beware or perish!

In case you're wondering about the other planets, well be sure to stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Super Sentai and Sailor Moon belong to Toei (Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi)

Templates belong to :iconameyal:

UPDATE #1: Added Uranus Ranger (yellow) and Neptune Ranger (teal), the team's duo sixth rangers. I know technically in the original, Uranus is primarily navy rather than yellow, but I decided to switch them really ^^;

UPDATE #2: Added Pluto Ranger (black in armor) and Saturn Ranger (the shorter model used), some extra rangers, though Saturn looks a bit closer to the core 5 than the rest.


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As of an hour at the time of this entry, my cat of nearly 15-17 years, Moe, had been put down... the constant begging got a little annoying but I loved that cat since the day my family got him and right now, it's gonna be hard not having him here with me... Crying

Right now, I would appreciate it if everyone watching me or expecting another Sentai update would give me some time to mourn for my loss. I don't mean to be rude, but I won't be in the right mood to continue creating teams, at least for a while. I can still chat with anyone but that's as far as I'll go for a while...

Thank you for your time and I'll see you all around...
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